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SOZO Community was a Christ-Centered church community in Phoenix, that created a story of change here, near and far.

Our church community told a story composed of people who love to share life and a like-minded purpose to create change in our neighborhoods, throughout our city and to the ends of the earth.

Here are Some Stories of What Happened


Our Last Gathering was Sunday, June 29th.

On June 29th, our founding pastor, Tom Hagedon, resigned from his position and the Oversight Board decided it would be the best decision to end the story of SOZO Community. It has been a great story over the last year and a half, filled with the joy of a Christ-Centered community creating change here, near and far. There is a future for the community that composed SOZO. A vision to continue to create change, here, near and far for future years to come.

Want to learn more about the future?

The Latest Message From Our Gathering

Storytellers - Week 3 - Allegory

We must understand that life is both literal and figurative; tangible and surreal. We experience it in the sense of a news story and a poem. We must understand that we learn from facts as well as reading between the lines.
— Tom Hagedon

From The Blog

Good Friday
Psychotherapy With God

Tom’s sermon Saturday focused on Isaac, the son of Abraham. Tom posed the question, how could Isaac have become a well-functioning adult after his father almost sacrificed him as an act of faithfulness to God? One can only imagine how this event impacted Isaac and what types of thoughts and emotions he must have experienced. 

What is The Gospel: Kingdom

We’re in the middle of our series called “What is the Gospel?” where we approach the biblical concept of “Gospel” through four separate lenses: Creation, Sacrifice, Kingdom and Spirit. This past Sunday was Kingdom. Tom talks about our kingdoms, God’s Kingdom and why Jesus really meant what he said when you told the Rich Young Ruler to sell all of his things, give the money to the poor and follow him.